Workshop & Recruitment For Vietnam – Korea Enterprises

On 09/08/2013, at Grand Plaza Hotel – Hanoi , the Ministry of Commerce , Industry & Energy in collaboration with KOTRA organized ” Workshop & recruitment for Vietnam – Korea enterprises”. This workshop is one of events for celebrating official visit of Ms. Park Geun Hye – South Korean President as the invitation of Mr. Truong Tan Sang – Vietnamese State President.

The workshop was organized to support Korean enterprises in recruiting high quality employee in Vietnam, with the participation of leading Korean corporations in Vietnam such as Samsung , LG , Posco , Lock n Lock, Asiana Airlines , Lotte … and many exciting opportunities for students after graduation . The program received enthusiastic response of over 400 students from major universities around Hanoi .

Attending as a employer , Posco E&C had meetings and interviews with potential candidates in the relevant fields. Working in the construction sector integrated with several major projects being implemented in Vietnam as Formosa Ha Tinh , Hanoi Light Metro Line, Hansol plant – Thai Nguyen, Discovery Complex … Posco E & C is considered as one of the most successful companies in construction market in Vietnam.

With feature & scale of key projects being implemented , Posco E & C is recruiting many staffs, professional engineers working in the project site as well as executive offices . All talented candidates with enthusiasm & passion will be much welcomed to our organization.