Quarter 1st, 2024

On April 4 2024, POSCO E&C Vietnam held a volunteer activity for POSCO E&C Vietnam with children at the Thien Phươc Disable children center in Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City.

At here, President Director Lee Jung Woo delivered the company’s donation and employee social contribution fund to representer of the disable children center, and supported a total of 30 million VND including donation money, milk, comic books, snacks, etc.

It contained the warm affection of all us sent to babies with disabilities from birth. Lee Jung Woo president director said, “We’re glad that the children are doing well and safe. We hoped that with this small amount of money we could share some of the cost for living to raise them. And we’ll try to visit them again in the near future.”

And all of us who visit also finished volunteering by playing with children and telling children comic book on the day, but the sadness and unhappiness of children with disabilities remain in our heart who spent a day there. However, we all hope that children with disabilities will adapt well to Vietnamese society without discrimination in the future.