Posco E&C – Let’s Aid Dioxin Victims

To commemorate 52 years of dioxin consequences in Vietnam, On August 12th 2013, People’s committee of Cu Chi district and Posco E&C organized the program “Let’s Aid Dioxin Victims” with a series of meaningful activities including providing free health care service, granting monthly support fund to 10 dioxin victim households, offering 2 charity houses, 10 wheelchairs and 300 new white shirts for poor pupils in Cu Chi. The ceremony is conducted in a solemn and harmonious atmosphere in the Committee Hall.

Mr. Oh Young Whan – General Director of Posco E&C Vietnam

In his speech, Mr. Oh Young Whan – General Director of Posco E&C Vietnam – said: “Corporate development is always based on the community development. Therefore, we commit to staying side by side with the local communities for the development through Corporate Social Responsibility activities being conducted.” Meanwhile, he also affirmed the active promotion of more support activities by conducting the program “One corporation  in each commune” to support dioxin victims and the poor here.

One of the noticeable events in this charity activity series is the free health care program from 12th to 14th August 2013 in Nhuan Duc, An Nhon and Trung Lap communes. This program is carried out with many activities by the doctors from the hospital of Korean In-Hwa medical university and Vietnamese volunteer groups. According to the plan, more than 1000 poor people will receive free health care services at medical centers of the three communes. The health-care service items include general health checking service, examining service of heart, ear-nose-throat, teeth, bone and joint, etc.

The program has received a great attention from the local government, Ho Chi Minh city Red Cross Society, and especially 1000 residents from the three communes. Besides the free health care service, this program also contributes to the encouragement of the philanthropy and social responsibility of individuals and organizations in doing meaningful activities for the community.

Some scenes of the free health care program

Posco E&C is one of the leading companies in construction field on the world, especially in Asia market. Besides the success in business, over the years, Posco E&C has carried out many community supporting activities such as building and fixing houses for the poor, offering scholarships to poor students, providing free health care service, volunteering for monthly local support in Phu Thanh commune of Dong Nai province, visiting and supporting Thien Phuoc open house for disabled and dioxin affected children on monthly basis, support monthly expense, fixing houses for dioxin victims in Cu Chi. Following the meaning of “Corporate Social Responsibility”, Posco E&C considers the importance of CSR activities as a integral part of business performance and there will definitely be more CSR programs in the future.