To create a nice playground for all employees, Posco E&C Vietnam held an event “KARAOKE SINGING CONTEST” on Apr 28th 2023. There were 28 contestants who joined and performed a half song. The participants included the President Director, Korean managers, Vietnamese staff and workers.

Having 05 kinds of prizes including 01 of the first prize (5,000,000 vnd), 02 of the second prize (3,000,000 vnd), 02 of the third prize (2,000,000 vnd), 05 of the 4th prize (1,000,000 vnd) and 18 of the Consolation prize (200,000 vnd).

The contest is held in the afternoon and all employees have a half day off to participate and cheer up the contestants. There were 06 Judges in the contest for giving marks and finding the winners. At the end of the event, the company took a photo together with the winners and played a Lucky draw game to give a lucky chance to other people. All people were so happy together to join in the event and thanks to the company about that.